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Why Nautical Boat Club?

Support, opportunity & affirmation like no other

So, why choose Nautical Boat Clubs? Yes, there are other boat-club franchises out there – but frankly, none can compare with ours in either the member or owner experience.

We were a boat-club pioneer when we began our business over 20 years ago, and today, we’re one of only two franchises nationwide offering the boat-club concept. We’re also the only franchising program of its kind in the marketplace, thanks to three key components:

SUPERIOR SUPPORT and training we provide for our owners;

Our operational model is a true turnkey business package proven to succeed. But just because we’ve developed a system that works doesn’t mean we use a cookie-cutter approach to setting up our boat clubs. In fact, personalized support for our owners is one of the cornerstones of our system.

As a Boating Country Club® owner, you receive:

  • our exclusive club-management software;
  • our comprehensive operations manual;
  • hands-on experience at one of our clubs;
  • 5-7 days of training at our headquarters;
  • help selecting a suitable marina and negotiating a reasonable lease;
  • assistance preparing a commercial loan package for your bank to secure fleet financing;
  • advice on the boats to include in your fleet, as well as how and when to replace boats so that your fleet is always fresh and new;
  • discounted pricing from boat dealers, insurance providers, manufacturers and other suppliers;
  • guidance on purchasing of fleet insurance, water toys, office computers and other equipment, and furniture;
  • help hiring and training a dock master;
  • all startup advertising and marketing materials for direct mail, TV, digital, social media, and website development; and
  • onsite opening assistance and follow-up.

EXPANSIVE OPPORTUNITY we offer owners in terms of territory; and

We’ve got a great selection of major U.S. markets available for franchise owners, and offer plenty of opportunity for you to open multiple locations. Our business model is ideal for visionaries – dream big!

EXTRAORDINARY FEEDBACK we consistently receive, confirming we’re doing it right … and better.

When it comes to how we do business and whether our operational model is working, our members are the ultimate judges. If you want the real-deal comparison between Boating Country Clubs® and other boat clubs, then all you need to do is Google company names and read the reviews. We believe you’ll see the difference quickly and clearly. Click here for a sampling of our customer comments;

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Superior Reviews

"The staff has always been friendly and helpful. Last summer, a dockhand helped me take out a speedboat for the first time in choppy water. He guided me out of the dock area and into open water, then jumped off and swam back to the dock. Talk about service!"

Kelly R

"I studied all the clubs in my area, and this one is definitely the best. They have been around the longest, while others have come and gone. They have newer, nicer boats than the other clubs, and they have more reasonable and flexible pricing plans."

Benton M.

"Everything is just as they promise you – pay your monthly dues, and you have access to nearly 30 great boats. Every single staff person is super helpful and courteous … [they] do everything humanly possible to make your day at the lake the best it can be."

Vincent A

Don't Buy A Boat ® - Join The Club!

Unlike boating rentals, leases, or timeshares, we offer unlimited use of our whole fleet, all season long!