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Franchise FAQ’s

A: Not difficult at all! Nautical Boat Clubs have superior availability. Collectively, our clubs have fulfilled more than 100,000 boat-reservation requests, with every one of our boat clubs fulfilling over 97% of member reservation requests since the day they opened. We’re the only boat club with this capability – and it’s one of the main reasons our members rate us as superior!

A: For their monthly dues payment, members of our Boating Country Clubs® have unlimited use of a wide variety of boats. Boat timeshares restrict the time and number of uses of their boats; boat leasing typically applies to only one boat; and boat rentals charge every time a boat is used. Additionally, we’re the only boat-club franchise that buys new boats for our fleets each year – so members always have fresh, shiny boats from which to choose!

A: Nautical Boat Clubs has an initial one-time franchise fee of $45,000. Overall startup ranges from $541,400 to $876,800; if the boats are financed [as they usually are], then liquid capital startup requirements are $150,000-$250,000. Monthly royalties are 6% of gross sales. Brand Fund Contribution is 1% of gross sales.

A: Typically, 6-8 months. Locating a suitable marina, negotiating a reasonable lease and financing the boat fleet can take 60 days or more. New boats must be ordered 3-4 months prior to opening to account for build time. Training and set up take another 30-60 days.


We will begin working together to understand your background, experiences and what you’re seeking to accomplish. This includes thoroughly exploring your personal and professional needs, your projected fit within the Nautical Boat Club network, your timeline and your investment range. During this time, we will discuss any questions or concerns you may have as well.


We will review an in-depth presentation about the Nautical Boat Club vision, objectives and the unique value proposition that our franchisees offer to clients. This is where we have a mutually open and honest dialogue to determine whether it makes sense to continue the discussion. Here, you will get a clear picture of our business and culture, and learn the profile, style, character and habits of a successful franchisee. If we both elect to move forward, we will schedule your next steps and establish firm timelines.


The confidential, non-binding application demonstrates to us that you are serious about exploring this opportunity and want to learn more about franchising with Nautical Boat Club. There is no obligation or commitment to invest at this point.


Nautical Boat Club has small-business lender relationships in place, and can help you understand the funding environment, what to expect, and the different options that could be available. We will make introductions with our funding partners, who can assist you in completing their processes. During this step, we will also review the Nautical Boat Club territory selection process and provide you with a detailed territory analysis customized for your area.


The Federal Trade Commission requires us to provide you with a Franchise Disclosure Document, which we will subsequently review with you. This review will be a comprehensive information outlay, covering our company background, management team, a detailed breakdown of the total investment, a full list of current franchisees, our company financials and more. We want to make sure you fully understand every aspect of the business and our mutual obligations. It is also critical that we document your selection criteria and ensure that Nautical Boat Club is the right fit for you. Then we will schedule our Discovery Day event at our headquarters in Austin, Texas and assist in your travel arrangements.


This is your opportunity to meet our entire Home Office team in person and ask any remaining questions. You will be immersed in the Nautical Boat Club culture and learn the ways the corporate team can help you accomplish your goals through small business ownership. This is a full day event and we encourage you to bring your spouse, business partner or any others who will be involved in your business.


Once you have attended Discovery Day and received an award letter, you will have the opportunity to speak with franchise owners, members of the Nautical Boat Club network and anyone else for final due diligence. Afterward, we’ll discuss next steps with your Franchise Development Director and schedule the signing of your Franchise Agreement.


Congratulations! You have completed the Discovery Process and are now a member of the Nautical Boat Club family. Upon receipt of the signed Franchise Agreement and initial fees, we will schedule a hand-off call with our On-Boarding and Operations team within one to two days. This call starts the new franchisee on-boarding process and establishes a schedule for training and planning for a successful launch. Our dedicated team members will ensure that you are well-equipped as you begin to market your new business.

A: Yes. Nautical Boat Clubs are ideal for areas with a shorter boating season. Compare the boat payments, off-season storage, winterizing, etc., expenses boat owners face, and during the same period of time, club membership comes out with much less cost and much more convenience.

A: The initial term is for ten years, with the opportunity for renewal through two additional five-year terms.

A: You do. We’ll happily help you determine initial market-appropriate pricing of membership initiation fees and monthly dues.

A: No. But our franchise has preferred agreements with all the best manufacturers to ensure that you get the best possible product at the best price.

A: We provide up to 5-7 days of training at our headquarters, onsite opening assistance and follow-up, our confidential operations manual, and advertising and marketing materials designed to produce hundreds of leads. Best of all, you gain access to our proprietary club-management software, which includes: our “bulletproof” reservations system; automated email communications; tracking of current member activity, new member prospects, and boat inventory and maintenance; robust reporting; and all the documents you’ll need to run your business, from legal agreements to member newsletters.

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Superior Reviews

"The staff has always been friendly and helpful. Last summer, a dockhand helped me take out a speedboat for the first time in choppy water. He guided me out of the dock area and into open water, then jumped off and swam back to the dock. Talk about service!"

Kelly R

"I studied all the clubs in my area, and this one is definitely the best. They have been around the longest, while others have come and gone. They have newer, nicer boats than the other clubs, and they have more reasonable and flexible pricing plans."

Benton M.

"Everything is just as they promise you – pay your monthly dues, and you have access to nearly 30 great boats. Every single staff person is super helpful and courteous … [they] do everything humanly possible to make your day at the lake the best it can be."

Vincent A

Don't Buy A Boat ® - Join The Club!

Unlike boating rentals, leases, or timeshares, we offer unlimited use of our whole fleet, all season long!