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Nautical Boat Clubs are the best alternative to buying a boat – and the best option for people who want to turn their passion for boating into a profitable business.

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We’re one of only two franchises nationwide offering the boat-club concept, and the only franchising program of its kind out in the marketplace. Our operational model, software and support are second-to-none.

But nothing tells our story of superiority and success in the market better than our happy customers and their rave reviews:


Buying a boat sounded like a good idea: the bonding with the family; making memories; teaching my kids to water-ski, wakeboard and kneeboard.“Oh, yeah – and then I realized all that sounded good, but reality set in and I thought about all the work for MOM – that’s me! Packing the boat, cleaning the boat, parking the boat. My husband probably already thinks I’m a bad driver; I can just imagine trying to haul a boat behind my car, or back it into the lake without backing in my car also. I would need to clean out the garage to store it. What would I do with all those boxes of baby memories? And if we buy a boat that only seats 7 and we are a family of 5, who gets to go boating with us? Do we have life vests in the right sizes for all my children’s friends? My husband and I almost gave up on the idea, thinking Let’s just spend the money on a 5-7 day vacation, which lasts only 5-7 days.

“Thank God we didn’t. Since joining Nautical Boat Clubs, we have been out on the lake every chance we could. One day the carpet cleaners called to say they would be late, and I asked my husband, ‘What are we going to do for two hours now?’ He smiled and said, ‘GO BOATING!’ No phones, no texts, blue skies, and a great break from the everyday hassles and challenges. My 16-year-old asks every Friday, ‘Are we going boating this weekend?’ and I want to answer, ‘WHAT! You want to spend time with your family?’

OK, now the dirt on the company. There isn’t any. Every employee is like your new best friend who wants only the best for you. They’re eager to help and patient with any situation.

“Call and make an appointment for a tour. You will be pleasantly surprised, and how often do you get that?”
-Lola M.


This will be our second summer on the lake with Nautical Boat Clubs, and we could not have asked for higher quality service. The staff is extremely helpful, but most importantly, they strive to make sure everyone gets to go boating, even when you call at the last minute! The boats are first-class and are replaced with newer boats as they age. Being able to choose the type of boat for your outing based on the group and purpose is something you can’t do if you buy a boat. Not having to bring your own tube, wakeboard or other water toys is an advantage in choosing this club over others. If you love the lake and are considering buying a boat, take 20 minutes and check out these guys.”
-Holly H.


What a great service, run by great people. We considered buying a boat, but then explored the boat club. The benefits of becoming a member way outweighed the benefits of being an owner. The boats are brand-new and in excellent condition. The staff is friendly, helpful and always there to make sure you have the best day out on the lake. It is professionally run, they respond immediately to any requests, and every request we’ve made for boats or equipment has been fulfilled. Our family looks forward to being a member for years to come.
-Brent K.

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I’ve owned several boats over the past 25 years and didn’t consider joining a boat club until meeting Nautical Boat Clubs’ staff and seeing their membership options. Here are just a few reasons I chose to join:“First, the staff is incredible, very welcoming and helpful – like belonging to a country club. They even know your name.

“Second, the boats are clean and well-maintained. From their competition ski boats and inboard/outboard wake tower Regals to the Bennington Tri-Toons, the selection is great. When you show up, everything is loaded on your boat and ready to go.

“Third, they provide all the equipment you need – skis, wakeboards, towables for the kids, jackets, etc. All of the equipment is first-class.

“Lastly, the value for getting all of the above for the monthly fee is great. Add up storage, maintenance, insurance and monthly payment, and it’s a bargain. I have looked at all the programs and options around town, and I strongly recommend this to anyone doing their research.”
-Joe B.


A great club to be a part of for anyone, not just families. Friendly staff and great boats to use. The club rules take some time to get used to – but they’re for the best, and make for a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Before joining the club, I researched whether to rent or own. I found Nautical Boat Clubs to be far cheaper than buying a boat and maintaining it. Plus, your boat never gets old/goes out of style, because they keep buying new ones each year. Never had an issue getting a boat, plus they’ve got tons of water toys that are free to use! Highly recommend doing this boat club if you want to be out on the water more than just one or two times a year.
-Drew B.


I’ve been a boat owner for over 20 years. There is nothing worse than getting ready for an outing only to discover your boat doesn’t work. Now that I am a member of a boat club, that is no longer an issue. When I want to go on the lake, I set an appointment online and my boat is ready for me when I get there. Everything I want for the outing is also waiting for me, like skis, wakeboards, surfboard, DRY ski vests, etc. It couldn’t be easier! The boats are nearly brand-new (I actually was the first person to drive one boat), iPod/iPhone-ready, gassed up and CLEAN. I have access to speedboats, pontoons and even a fishing boat. And when I want to take our dog, there is even a boat for him. The staff is helpful, friendly and accommodating. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to become a member. THANKS!!!
-Tom S.

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If you want a boat, this is the route to go. You’ve seen the ads that say the happiest days of your life are when you buy and sell your boat … well, add a third: the day you join Nautical Boat Clubs. No fuss, no muss! Everything is just as they promise: you pay your monthly dues, and for that, you have access to nearly 30 great boats, from sail to wake surf and everything in-between. Every single staff person is super helpful and courteous – these guys do everything humanly possible to make your day at the lake the best it can be.“I looked at several boat clubs when making my decision, and it was obvious to me – with the lake-level guarantee, the fleet quality and the management of the club – there was no other choice.

“The boats are immaculate and new. The reservation process literally takes less than 30 seconds, and boat availability has been 100% for me. I have always gotten exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it, every time.

“Talk about convenient! You show up, get in the boat you’ve chosen – they already have it warmed up and stocked with whatever water toys and life preservers you need – you pull out and enjoy the lake. When you’re done, they’re waiting for you to pull into the slip, you ease in, they take the dock line, and you walk off the pier to your car. You go home or to dinner or whatever with your friends and family, rather than securing, cleaning and storing your boat and toys for the next hour-and-a-half.”
-Vincent A.


It is great! When you arrive, everything is clean, fueled and ready to go. I like the idea of not worrying about all the maintenance, cleaning, repairs, etc. that owning your own boat would include. With a personal boat, if you have a mechanical issue, your day is likely to be a bust and your guests are put out. With the club, you are very likely to just get another available boat and continue with your fun day.“If you buy a boat, then you have to determine what type of boat you want. With the club, you decide based on what you feel like that particular outing. You’re not stuck with a single choice. Every one of the staff members is super nice and helpful. And, with membership you get free parking. I love it!”
-Keith B.


We’re in our third year of membership, and it’s been a fantastic experience. I had two concerns going in: 1) lake levels; and 2) availability of boats in a club like this. I’ve been pleased on both counts.“Regarding lake levels, being in a boat club makes lake levels a very minor issue. Because the boats are already in the water, you don’t have to worry about the level dropping below the boat ramps. When the levels get low, it just means the lake will not be as crowded, which is great.

“Regarding availability of boats, in our 2+ years, I think we’ve had only 2 times where we weren’t able to get a boat, and it was because I didn’t plan ahead. We boat 2 or 3 times a month, and almost always get our first choice of request.

“We love having the options of different kinds of boats. With young kids, we often get one of the large pontoon boats, but other times we get a ski boat or sailboat. Having those options wouldn’t be available if we owned our own. Can’t say enough about it. It’s been a great experience!
-Rick S.

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We’ve been members of Nautical Boat Clubs for three years and are just starting our fourth; we love this boat club with its wide variety of new, clean boats! The staff has always been friendly and helpful, answering questions about navigating the lake and giving lessons on how to use the different boats. Last summer a dockhand helped me take out a speedboat for the first time in choppy water. He guided me out of the dock area and into open water, then jumped off and swam back to the dock. Talk about service!
-Kelly R.


As avid boaters, I can honestly say the best $$’s ever spent were on our boat-club membership. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to have access to 25+ boats, pontoons, fishing boat, sailboat and endless water toys, all with a simple email or phone-call request?“From the moment you and your family arrive at the dock, every detail is taken care of. They keep track of your toy choices, which can be skis, wakeboard, wake-skate, tubes … you name it, they have it! They even remember your family’s sizes and have everything ready for you on the boat to enjoy.

“At the end of your day, you gas up the boat at the dock, park it and just walk away! No cleaning – and as the mother, I can tell you I hated boat days because I had to not only pack and carry all the crap down to the boat, but also had to clean it up afterward, while everyone else was too tired to move. This last Mother’s Day, I think I was told ‘Happy Mother’s Day,  Mrs. W!’ at least ten times by boat club crew members. The entire “family” – and I really do mean family – at our club make boating life a breeze.

What are you waiting for?!? Having the security of knowing you are taking your family out on the water on a boat that is serviced and checked regularly gives you peace of mind. We’ve actually been the boat that rescues other boaters because of breakdown from other rental companies. You won’t see that with this boat club and crew. Thanks guys!”
-Denise W.


Best investment we’ve made for family activities – it’s like being on a vacation every weekend. The staff is amazing and so knowledgeable, the boats are always in perfect condition, and the diversity makes for a fun experience anytime -– from cruising and wakeboarding to fishing and sailing. We highly recommend this boat club.”
-Benoit B.


I’ve owned boats in the past, and this boat club is definitely a better deal. Anyone who has owned a boat knows you spend a lot of time dealing with issues. Joining the club is a much better deal financially, but the thing I really appreciate is how much easier it makes it to spend time on the water. The club really removes all the chores of boat ownership.“I studied all the clubs in my area, and this one is definitely the best. They have been around the longest, while others have come and gone. They have newer, nicer boats than the other clubs, and they have more reasonable and flexible pricing plans.

“Boats have been available every time I’ve called, and they have a great variety of boats that don’t look like the beater rentals so many of the other clubs and boat rental places have out on the water.”
-Benton M.

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Superior Reviews

"The staff has always been friendly and helpful. Last summer, a dockhand helped me take out a speedboat for the first time in choppy water. He guided me out of the dock area and into open water, then jumped off and swam back to the dock. Talk about service!"

Kelly R

"I studied all the clubs in my area, and this one is definitely the best. They have been around the longest, while others have come and gone. They have newer, nicer boats than the other clubs, and they have more reasonable and flexible pricing plans."

Benton M.

"Everything is just as they promise you – pay your monthly dues, and you have access to nearly 30 great boats. Every single staff person is super helpful and courteous … [they] do everything humanly possible to make your day at the lake the best it can be."

Vincent A

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