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The attached Profile article appeared in the May, 2014 Frisco/Plano edition of “Living Magazine”, a statewide publication which focuses on Health & Fitness, Fashion, Local Events, Home & Garden and Travel. The piece focuses on how easy Nautical Boat Club makes it for people to enjoy boating, without the hassles and expense of boat ownership.

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Don’t Buy a Boat® – Join the Club!


What if getting the family together and heading out to go boating on the lake were as easy as shooting a round of golf? That’s the idea that Jonathan Hargrove had in mind when he decided to open up Nautical Boat Club here in Dallas, at beautiful Cottonwood Creek Marina on Lake Lewisville.

More in line with a membership at the country club than a boat rental, Nautical Boat Club is focused on letting family and friends enjoy boating with none of the annoyances that usually come with the watery territory. “It’s really all about getting to go boating without having to deal with the hassles of ownership,” Jonathan said.

Not just for seasoned boaters, the Club is a perfect way to get into boating. “Whether you’re an old salt or brand new to boating,” Jonathan said, “we teach every new member all about our fleet so he or she feels comfortable behind the wheel of any boat we offer.”

Anyone who’s ever owned a boat, trailered a boat, or had anything to do with a boat knows what it’s like to go boating. You have to prep the boat, get everything ready, clean  it up as soon as you get back home—all that takes a good portion of your day. “All the work you have to do on your boat, that’s time you could be spending out on the water,” Jonathan said. “We take the hassle away, we do everything so you can come out and enjoy the boats as often as you want and then be off to your next activity without worrying about anything else.”

No cleaning, no maintenance, no need to do repairs, no slip fees, no towing or launching, and no loan or insurance payments—all the things that everyone dislikes about boat ownership are dealt with by the Club and all you do have to do is fill up the gas when you’re done. What that means is that as a member, any time you want to go boating you can—and with a fleet that includes competition wakeboard boats, a variety of tri-toons, and some tricked out bowriders—one of which includes a ski tower—there’s bound to be a boat that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

“Most of the boats we’ve got, you can do watersports behind—they’re spacious and they can really move! One of our double-decker tri-toons even has a waterslide built into it—perfect for kids’ parties,” Jonathan said. “These aren’t your grandfather’s old clunkers, they’re top-flight, brand new.”

Far from grandpa’s indeed, the entire fleet is replenished annually with brand-new boats, meaning no crusty old cockleshells or dreary dinghys. The similarities among Nautical Boat Club, traditional boat rental outfits and other boat clubs end with the fact that you get onto a boat. The differences are many—Nautical Boat Club features only perfectly maintained, new boats, never second-hand or pre-owned, so you can be sure you’re always out there in a top-of-the-line vessel. The boats are only available for use by Club members—no borrowing, renting, or trading—so you know the equipment is always in great condition and reliable once you’re on the water. In addition, the Club offers a variety of water toys free of charge as part of the membership. “They say that the two best days in a boater’s life are the day he buys a boat and the day he sells it.

We say there’s a third: the day he joins Nautical Boat Club!”

“Tubes, skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, surfboards, jackets, they’re all part of the deal,” Jonathan said. “You call up or go online to reserve your boat, tell us what water toys you want, and when you show up they’re all loaded onto your boat, the boat’s gassed up and you’re set to go.”

A membership with Nautical Boat Club offers more than just access to boats—it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of being out on the water with family and friends, building memories with each other that will last forever.

“The escape of boating, getting away from the hustle and bustle, slowing life down and being out on the water—it has a soothing effect, an ageless, timeless draw,” Jonathan said. “You can relax with good people, enjoy some watersports, kick back for a little bit. It’s one of those activities where especially in this day and age, with so many competing things that fight for everyone’s attention, that pull people in different directions—boating is something that brings people together.”

That’s something everyone can agree on.

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@ Cottonwood Creek Marina, Lake Lewisville

900 Lobo Lane · Little Elm, Texas 75068

Nautical Boat Club is a franchisee of Nautical Boat Clubs, LLC© – America’s only Boating County Club®. Members enjoy reciprocal boating privileges at any of the Clubs nationwide.

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