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Don’t Buy a Boat® – Join the Club!

Club Membership vs. Boat Ownership

There are a number of reasons why it makes more sense to join Nautical Boat Club than to own your own boat.

In addition to the superior variety, service, and perks you get as a Nautical Boat Club® member, you also spend much less time and energy on upkeep, as well as way less money! The cost to be a Member of Nautical Boat Club® is about one-third the cost of owning your own boat.

The bottom line? Belonging to a Boating Country Club® is a better deal, with a bonus “no-hassle” appeal!

Cost of Use - $50,000 Boat

Buy a Boat
Assumes a $50,000 Boat Purchase


20% down-payment

Outfitting (lifejackets, wakeboards, skis, etc.)



Join the Club
Annual Club Membership


One-time membership fee
$2,995 - $3,295

Outfitting (lifejackets, skis, etc.)
$187 new member orientation


$3,182 - $3,482

Ongoing Monthly Expenses

Loan payment: 5 years @ 4%



Slip Fees

Gas (estimate)



Ongoing Monthly Expenses

Monthly dues:
$299 - $375



Slip Fees

Gas (estimate)


$399 - $475

First Year of Club Membership Cost:

$7,970 - $9,182 (+ sales tax)

All Other Years of Club Membership Cost:

$4,788 - $5,700 (+$250 annual renewal fee + sales tax) per year

Nautical Boat Club® = More Boats, More Fun, Less Money!

Lexington Boat Club

Nautical Boat Club – Lexington

Located at The Peninsula at SouthShore Marina
3050 US Highway 378
Leesville, SC 29070
Get Directions

(803) 457-1495

Office Hours

10 AM - 5 PM
Wednesday - Sunday
Closed Monday & Tuesdays

Boating Hours

Early: 7 AM - 1 PM
Late: 2-8 PM
Closed Monday & Tuesdays

Off Season
Early: 8 AM - 12 PM
Late: 1-5 PM
Closed Monday & Tuesdays

Superior Reviews

"We've been members of the club now for about 2 years and just love it. We have always had our own boat. But when it came time to place a newer boat, we decided to give the club a try. We just love Tony and the crew that makes boating so easy. I call it valet boating. We just show up and the boat is ready to go. And after we are finished, Tony and the crew take care of all the maintenance. No work at all for us. I had worried that we couldn't get a boat when we wanted it. But that's not been a problem. We may not get our first choice boat, but we always get a nice boat that runs well. Because it's less work for us, our family goes out on the lake a good bit more than we used to when we had our own boat. Because it's no work for us, we might go out for just a couple of hours or the whole day...depending on what's going on. I highly recommend our club. Great boats, lake access, and great people!"

- Clint

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"5 STARS!"

- Jeff

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"We SO appreciate how nice our clubs boats are..."

- Kim

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"I have owned a boat all my life. I sold my old flat bottom fishing boat to buy a more deep V boat with my wife in mind. We looked at $40,000 - $60,000 new boats, $20,000 trucks to pull them and $3,000/yr to store it. (Not to mention maintenance.) Then we thought about the time it takes. We have to get the boat ready, hook it to a truck, drive it to the “special gas” stations, then drive to water. Somehow back a 20+ foot boat into the water at a CRAZY public boat launch. Then, tie off the boat and find a place to park. When you finished boating, do all of that over again! (If you hurry and sweat, at least 2 hours wasted.) Oh, I forgot to mention while your hot and exhausted, cleaning the boat when your done. "

- Bryan

"I have had an awesome experience with Nautical Boat Club. As a long-time boat owner, I have experienced the frustration and cost of boat ownership first hand. This is a way better deal! All of the boats are brand-new (or nearly brand new) and are always spotless. I have been a member for about 5 months, and I have always been able to take a boat out whenever I want! I would highly recommend to anyone interested in boating but not willing to deal with the headache of owning a boat!"

- Alex

"These guys are great - very attentive and friendly... and very knowledgeable about the local waters and the boats. We are novice boaters so this makes us very comfortable. The boats are beautiful and so well maintained. Reservations are easy to make, and they are always there ready for your arrival. We love this club!"

- Kristin

Don't Buy A Boat ® - Join The Club!

Unlike boating rentals, leases, or timeshares, we offer unlimited use of our whole fleet, all season long!