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Club H2O [Hire-To-Owner]

Nautical Boat Club®’s Employee Purchase Program

Club Hire-To-Owner [H2O] is a fast-track path to franchise ownership for Nautical Boat Club® employees. Club H2O is designed to encourage and enable high-quality, hardworking Boat Club hires to become owners of their own franchise locations, with a solid company in a phenomenally fun industry!

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Club H20: 4 Simple Steps to Business

  1. Get hired as a Nautical Boat Club® full-time employee. Work hard, have fun, and be awesome!
  2. Get promoted and work as a manager at an existing Boat Club for at least 3 years. Work hard, have fun, and be awesome!
  3. Get promoted and work as the General Manager at a new location – which you intend to purchase – for at least 3 years. Work hard, have fun, and be awesome!
  4. Purchase your Boat Club franchise – congratulations! Keep working hard, having fun, and being awesome – and make sure your employees do the same!

Discounts & Financing

Once you’re ready to purchase your franchise, Club H2O discounts your franchise fee based on your tenure with Nautical Boat Club® – a 10% discount for each year you’re with the company after year one, up to a full 50% discount! Additionally, Club H2O is happy to help you secure competitive financing for your purchase.

Club H20: A Win All The Way Around

Nautical Boat Club® employees benefit:

  • Comprehensive training in a success-proven system
  • Opportunity to observe and learn the business from the ground up and from experienced franchisees
  • Rewarding return on hard work and company dedication
  • Possibility of opening franchises in their hometown or somewhere they’ve always wanted to live
  • Remarkable levels of advancement, achievement, satisfaction, and success

Nautical Boat Club® company benefits:

  • Good recruitment tool for great employees
  • More motivated, productive and stable employees
  • Narrower guess-gap in choosing new franchisees
  • Insight from current franchisees about prospective purchasers
  • Creation of more knowledgeable, skilled leaders for a growing franchise

Nautical Boat Club® members benefit:

  • More Boat Club locations
  • Workers who are truly invested in their happiness

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for superior customer service, and a desire to own your own business while having tons of fun, join Nautical Boat Club®’s Club H2O today!

A Few Final Details:

  • Standard pay policies and franchise agreement provisions apply.
  • Ownership eligibility is based on individual job performance and negotiation of a suitable location/market.

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